A study trip to Uppsala

On 21st Sept 2016, a study tour was organized for the students of Solar Energy Engineering together with the students from ULM University, Germany. The trip commenced early in the morning from the university. After nearly an hour drive on a bus, we halted for a quick refreshment at Avesta locality. The world’s largest Dalecarlian horse is located here. Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette and now has become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden.

Group photo with the world’s largest Dalecarlian horse

After the short break we travelled non-stop to Uppsala province. After reaching Uppsala we were divided into four groups. Two groups were directed to Uppsala University and two groups to Solibro company. Solibro, owned by Hanergy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CIGS thin-film modules. Visit to Solibro was exciting and we were provided with insights on CIGS thin-film manufacturing and testing processes.


At Uppsala university we were briefed about Solar PV technology and current research works on thin-films by Carl Hägglund. After the theoretical session we visited the roof where the different Solar cell modules are installed and are tested continuously.


Then we visited the Ångström Laboratory to understand different stages of the fabrication of PV module. After the lunch break we had a chance to visit Frodeparken, the house with the largest solar cell facade in Sweden. Energy produced by the solar cell mounted here is around 8.3 kWh/m², year.


Finally, the last stop of our study tour was Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala). This is one of the must visit place in Uppsala and highly recommended.


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