Kolmården is a safari/theme park close to Norrköping, an approximately three-hour car ride from Borlänge. Far, but definitely worth it. The park is really huge and one day is nearly not enough to see everything. We went there on the last weekend in August and stayed on the camping site close-by. You can also live in the hotel or in tents in the safari park but we picked the cheapest solution. Since the area is so wide there are different restaurants distributed over the whole area. We spent the whole day in the park and still missed some areas.


The variety of animals is really huge and the view from the park is really amazing. You can see the ocean almost from everywhere. When we were there we were sitting at the water for dinner which was really cozy. In the zoo school, personnel educate the children about different animals, there is a petting zoo for children and a dolphinarium with 3 shows every day.

Then there are also some rides like in a theme park. One ride carries the visitors in some kind of cages through the safari park which is divided in different countries in which the characteristic animals are moving around freely. In this part there are also the tents where visitors can stay to be as close as possible to the animals and join the feeding in the morning. In this part you can take really great pictures from above.


But my personal highlight was the new rollercoaster called wildfire. It is the world´s greatest wooden rollercoaster. You just cannot stop laughing and shouting in the whole ride, it is so much fun if you love rollercoasters like I do. While moving up you have an amazing view on the ocean. I think we went at least 6 times on it and there was even a rollercoaster fan club from all over Europe.


I can really recommend a trip to the park and if you can, stay for a night so you can enjoy the ocean and don´t have to stress out since the trip takes quite some time too.


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