Time for a roadtrip

My time at Dalarna University in Borlänge is about to start and I couldn’t be more excited. But first, what’s with the road trip you may ask. Well, at the beginning of the summer somebody planted the idea of driving from the Netherlands to Sweden so I could take most of my belongings with me. I mean, it’s only 1700 km, no big deal right? Well, pretty big deal. The past weekend my father and I drove all the way from my hometown in the Netherlands to Borlänge in about 21 hours. We arrived Saturday evening and booked an Airbnb at the Lindsberg near Falun. A big communion house with very friendly people. On Sunday we explored the area. We drove past my future living quarters at Locus, we drove past the school and walked around in the city centre of Borlänge. I wasn’t able to pick up the keys for my room until Monday, hence why we had a day of exploration. In the afternoon we went for a walk and I took some pictures of beautiful Sweden.


On Monday it was time to see what my room for the next year would look like. I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised. My room is very large and bright and with a little decoration of some posters and pictures I’m sure it’s going to make a great cozy space. Of course not too cozy, since I am here to study. More about that next week, when classes actually begin.


Since we had such a long trip back we didn’t spend too much time at Locus. In the afternoon we already started our journey back home. This coming Friday I’ll be leaving definitely, this time by plane thankfully. The road trip was great, and it was really nice to see so much of the Swedish nature I get to live in for the next year. The next few days I’ll be saying my goodbyes again to friends and family and then the adventure really begins!

PS: Look at this picture I took of a candy store in Falun! Good thing it’s not in Borlänge otherwise I’d become a regular customer.



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